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Lighting The 7th Fire

Lighting The 7th Fire

This PBS documentary skillfully weaves together
spear fishing treaty rights issues in Wisconsin,
the Chippewa prophecy of the 7th Fire, and
profies of some of the people helping to bring
back the.tradition of spearfishing.

This video captures a highly significant
historical transition and it is the first program
in the United States that vividly documents
contemporary racism toward Native Americans.

Produced by Sandra Osawa
48 min long

$30 for home and private use
$150 for schools, libraries and institutions

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Review: Producer Sandra Osawa, a member of the Makah Nation in Washington, has created a story relavant to a people’s culture. Her own nation has lived this story. Her film premiered on Independence Day in the POV PBS-TV series. In words that herald a hopeful future, Osawa describes this fillm’s purpose as “what I call my honor song video or my way of honoring people who try to make a stand and who to try to make a difference. Lighting the 7th Fire is a pat on the back to some of the many people of all races who stand up to right a wrong, and theyby inspire us all.” Sandy Greer – freelance journalist and media educator – Winds of Change, Fall 1995