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These award-winning documentaries, shown on PBS, are available directly from the filmmakers, Sandy and Yasu Osawa. The team creates documentaries from the heart of Indian Country. Read more about Upstream »

home_maria-1.jpg Maria Tallchief, an untold story on the life and artistry of Maria Tallcief, who rose from an Indian community in Oklahoma to become America’s fi rst prima ballerina and her marriage and partnership with Ballanchine ignited the founding of the New York City Ballet. »
home_pepper-2.jpg Pepper’s Pow Wow “It’s not jst that the music is wonderful and the story is powerful – its the subtle and careful way this one hour documentary unfolds its riches that makes it a particular treat.” Joan V. Tassel, Hollywood Reporter »
home_onandoff-1.jpg On & Off the Res w/ Charlie Hill “is one of the best videos on an Indian subject I’ve ever seen–not because I was in it but for the way it flowed with its story so smoothly – no stops for slogans and stereotypes – just a straight ahead story told well.” Vine Deloria Jr. »
home_lighting-1.jpg Lighting the 7th Fire, “…excellent a must have for libraries.” Video Rating Guide, ABC-Clio. “A very moving and important documentary.” Prof. Faye Ginsburg, NYU Ctr for Media, History and Culture »